White-label MaaS solution for operators and public entities

Meep also develops solutions adapted to the needs of operators and public entities so that they can launch their own MaaS platform or improve their existing mobility services.

Multimodal Journey Planner
The solution is designed to combine any integrated mode of transport to create multimodal routes adapted to user preferences:

• Integration of any public transport
• Integration of any on-demand and/or shared transportation
• Use of static and real-time information as well as fare structures
• Incorporation of external factors like traffic, weather or other events
• Multimodal routes based on user preferences and habits
• Possible interaction with users to obtain feedback
• Adjusted for unique city specifics and mobility ecosystem characteristics

Integration of public transport services
The solution includes the entire comprehensive range of public transport services within its MaaS platform:

• Integration of static information
• Accurate representation of stations and stops along with real-time data
• Dashboard for operation management
• Accessibility to additional operator solutions
• Adaptation to local needs: top-up cards or connectivity with other services
• Updated static data and service diversions
• Management reports provided
• Serves as a direct communication tool to the user base
• Allows users to buy tickets within their application
• Mobile ticketing and validation system
• Monitor transactions and conversion rates
• Cross-selling and collaboration with other operators

On-demand and shared transport services
Includes the sequential integration of both the on-demand and shared transport models of any integrated operator:

• Displays fleet information and availability and access to vehicles
• Real-time representation to increase user access
• Integration with other public or private operators
• Tracks alerts and errors
• Dashboard for managing the operation and analyzing performance
• Provides account management, payment methods and user permissions

Payment system
Centralized payment management for end users:

• Creation of a multiple account system
• Payment preferences
• Stores user data in GDPR-compatible way
• Supports several payment providers
• Cost optimization per transaction
• Support for corporate and family accounts
• Fraud detection system